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* All the work I have done on the Internet is provided as free for all use. However, I do have to pay to maintain my websites. It's not expensive to do so and no real financial burden -- but if I end up paying to allow people to see my work, it's effectively like paying them to read, and if that's the case, I might as well just write for my own education and not take the effort to provide my writings to the public. Another way of putting this is that, instead of trying sell my work, I'm just giving it away, with readers able to assess its value and, if they are so inclined, pay what they are able and see as fair.

And so, I am politely asking, cap in hand, for assistance, finding that preferable in all regards to subjecting readers to obnoxious banner ads. Nobody should feel obligated to contribute -- if it's a hardship, if you simply don't want to, fine, I don't have the slightest problem with that, no apologies wanted or needed, please -- but if your financial comfort level permits it, any small generosity to this effort will be very much appreciated. If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so via credit card or PayPal:

Again, I'm not at all impoverished, and if your budget is chronically tight, I DON'T want your money -- in fact, I'm pleased to provide a free service for those who are trying to scrape by. However, many readers do have money to spare for entertainment and amusements.

It's hardly like I'm expecting to do much more than cover my expenses and make a little pocket money. Popular sci-fi writer Robert Heinlein once commented that he was after people's beer money, in effect saying he just wanted a cut of their entertainment budget. I certainly couldn't claim priority over beer -- but after buying beer, if there's some left over, you might consider what else might be done with it.

I have to emphasize, however, that anyone who has donated once should NOT feel any obligation to do it twice. Thanks to people who have decided to part with a little beer money, it's appreciated:

  15 nov 17    Jose R. Bello Ruiz
  29 oct 17    Zachary Waldman 
  15 oct 17    Dennis Cheetham
  13 sep 17    Mark Baffa II
  06 aug 17    Nicholas Mew
  02 jul 17    Andreas Kleen (DE)
  13 jun 17    Lars Buchholz (DE) 
  03 jun 17    Rhett Chassereau
  23 may 17    Rob Yates
  10 may 17    Lucas Haarman
  16 apr 17    James Baird
  12 feb 17    Geoffrey Hedger (UK)
  01 feb 17    Alan Whatley (UK)
  29 jan 17    Lars Buchholz (DE)
  07 jan 17    Jonas Stallmeister (DE)
  02 jan 17    Arthur Ruh (CH)
  23 dec 16    Mihai Cosoveanu (RO) 
  21 dec 16    Richard Campany
  16 dec 16    Jose R. Bello Ruiz
  02 dec 16    Michael St Angelo
  21 nov 16    Sanjeet Suhag (IN)
  22 oct 16    Urs Kraenzlin (CH)
  04 oct 16    Boris Matesin (HR)
  02 oct 16    Kenneth Louie 
  17 sep 16    Samuel Harvey
  17 aug 16    R. Goodhand
  14 jul 16    Ryan Murphy
  15 jun 16    Chris Kozlowski
  15 may 16    Phil Rhodes (UK)
  28 apr 16    Tom Smith (UK)
  26 apr 16    Mark Stewart
  08 apr 16    Jesus Inigo Saez Pastor (ES)
  29 mar 16    Thomas Walley (UK)
  20 mar 16    Michael Flower
  28 feb 16    Michael Dornbach (CH)
  25 feb 16    William Page
  15 feb 16    Michael Flower
  15 feb 16    Tobias Scheffler
  08 feb 16    Todd Fraser (AU)
  26 jan 16    JP Smith (UK)
  11 jan 16    Thomas Yeung (AU)
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